Engine Repair & Rebuild in Richmond, VA

Is your engine making some unusual noises?  Is the check engine light on?  If so don't wait until you're in a really bad situation to get this checked out.  It very well could be something minor but if there is a larger problem catching it before it gets worse could save you thousands of dollars.  At DJ Tire LLC our seasoned professionals can diagnose the problem and provide you multiple solution options that can fit your budget. 

And if your vehicle requires a rebuild you can rest assure that it's in good hands with DJ Tire LLC.  We've handled countless rebuilds on all makes of cars and trucks.  So don't trust this valuable task with just anyone.  Having a seasoned professional perform this task is crucial in the long term performance of your engine. 

    Here are some key warning signs that indicate there could be potential problem with your engine:

    1. Patches of OIl
    2. Unusual Odors
    3. Engine Running Rough
    4. Poor Gas Mileage
    5. Loss of Power
    6. Smoke coming from Exhaust

      If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems don't wait.  Bring it in to the professionals at DJ Tire LLC and we'll take care of it for you. 


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