Brake Repair in Richmond, VA

When your brakes start going bad it's not something you want to put off.  A good braking system is not only crucial to your safety but to that of others on the road as well.  When you start seeing signs your brakes may need service, bring it in to the professionals at DJ Tire and let us run a full diagnostic check on your brakes to see what issues you're having.  Our brake services entail changing things like brake pads, rotors, calipers, boosters and hydraulic units. 

    If you're not sure your brakes are going bad, here are some signs that should alert you to bring the vehicle in for a full brake check:

    1. Grinding or Squealing Brakes
    2. Vehicle pulls to one side when braking
    3. Brake pedal presses down too easily 
    4. Warning light on dash board

    Brake Service is one of the simplest and lease costly services your vehicle may need.  However, it's one of the most important services as well.  Bring your vehicle in today and let us get your brakes back in order so the worrying can stop!


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