Transmission Repair & Rebuild in Richmond, VA

The transmission in your vehicle works to make sure the right amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given speed.  It can be the most complicated piece of machinery in your vehicle.  Your transmission handles a myriad of fluids, stresses, strains and can develop a wide variety of problems over time. 

    What are some of the problems to look for that indicates you have a problem with your transmission:

    1. Transmission Slipping.  This occurs when you're driving at a certain speed and your gears change for no reason. 
    2. Rough Shifts.  This occurs when you hear a clunk shifting. 
    3. Delayed Engagement.  This occurs when you have a delay moving the gear from park to drive. 
    4. Fluid Leak.  Transmission fluid is normally bright red but can be brown or dark red. 
    5. Warning Light
    6. Smoke coming from Exhaust

      If your vehicle is experiencing any of these problems don't wait.  Bring it in to the professionals at DJ Tire LLC and let us run a full diagnostic check to see what the problem with your transmission is.  Our experienced technicians can handle the simplest of repairs or even a full transmission rebuild.  Whatever problem you're having, we've got you covered. 


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