Air Conditioning Service in Richmond, VA

Is there anything worse when it's hot outside than having the air conditioning in your vehicle stop functioning?  Imagine heading to an important business appointment, a friend's wedding, or some place important where dressing nice is needed.  Imagine what it feels like to be sweating badly prior to arriving at your important event. 

Having your A/C properly serviced and maintained will prevent that unnecessary discomfort from happening.  Whether it's just a routine check up or worse yet, a terminal failure of your A/C system, the professionals at DJ Tire can fix that problem.  

    Our comprehensive A/C services include:

    1. Replacing Belts & Hoses
    2. Temperature Sensor Calibration
    3. Heater Repair
    4. Refrigerant Charging
    5. Coolant System Service
    6. Checking Fluid Levels
    7. Complete Diagnostic Service
    8. Custom Hoses
    9.  A/C System Recharges

      Foreign or domestic, automobile or truck, the professionals at DJ Tire can handle any A/C issue you may be encountering.  Our computer diagnostic service will pinpoint the problem and we'll give you a detailed estimate of what's needed to restore the cooling of your vehicle. 

      Call us today at (804) 262-3528 and let us cool you down. 


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